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Your support moves students closer to Faith

Your support moves students closer to faith!

Your support moves students closer to faith!

Thank you for your support!  I want to share with you another story from our focus groups on my booklet Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians. 

At the beginning of the focus group, students complete the survey.  Each survey is scored numerically with 44 being the highest possible score. Then the students read the booklet and retake the survey. As the score increases, this shows us how the booklet is positively impacting student's lives.

The focus groups show us that the booklet strengthens the faith of Christians because they have fewer intellectual doubts. For non-Christians, a higher score shows the student has moved closer to making a decision for Christ.

UCI Student

One young woman care to the focus group with zero religious background but she had a vague idea about God. In the initial survey, she scored one of the lowest scores I've seen - 20. After reading the booklet, she scored 32.

Let’s look at the questions where her answers changed. 

1. Is it ever possible to know absolute truth about anything?
Before reading the booklet, she answered “Leans No.”  After the booklet, she answered “Leans Yes.”

2. Is it possible for life to have meaning and purpose?
Before the booklet,, “Leans Yes.”  After the booklet, “Yes.”

3.  Does the low entropy Big Bang support the concept of a Creator God?
Before – “No Opinion.”  After – “Leans Yes.”

4. Does the fine-tuned universe support the idea of a Creator God?
Before – “No Opinion.”  After – “Leans Yes.”

7.  Do intelligent, college-educated unbelievers ever change their minds and put their faith in Jesus?
Before – “Leans No.”  After – “Leans Yes.”

8.  Did Jesus actually rise from the dead bodily?
Before – “No.”  After – “Yes.”

These are just some of the positive changes in her answers.  She is definitely more open to the gospel message.

Prior to reading the booklet, she believed God existed but did not believe Christianity was intellectually viable or that science supported the existence of God. After reading the booklet, she was much more inclined to view science as supporting the existence and activity of God in our universe. In fact, she even believed that Jesus rose from the dead physically. This is huge!

Here are two comments she wrote about the booklet. 

“All three brilliant atheists were interesting. I liked 'Allan Sandage’s Discovery' the most.” 

“All three atheists had very good reasons to become Christians.” 

This young lady is just one example of many, many students whose lives are being impacted for Christ through Factbridge. 

Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving! 

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!
Ronald Cram