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Your support moves students closer to Christ!

Your support moves students closer to Christ


Your support moves students closer to Christ!

God is using the booklet Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians in a great way! Our focus groups show how the booklet impacts students' opinions. We begin each focus group by having the students complete the survey. Each survey is scored numerically with 44 being the highest possible score. Then the students read the booklet and retake the survey. This shows us how the booklet is impacting student's lives.

For non-Christians, a higher score shows the student has moved closer to making a decision for Christ. For Christians, a higher score shows the student has fewer intellectual doubts about the faith.

UCI Student

One young female student came to the focus group with minimal religious background. She had attended Catholic church but only when her friends took her. The last time she attended was three years ago. She had no opinion on the question of God’s existence.

Reading the booklet changed her opinions on several important questions. Your prayers and gifts have moved her closer to God!

3. Does the low entropy Big Bang support the concept of a Creator God?
Before – “Leans No.”  After – “Leans Yes.”
4.  Does the fine-tuned universe support the idea of a Creator God?
Before – “Leans No.”  After – “Leans Yes.”
8. Did Jesus rise from the dead bodily?
Before – “Leans No.” After – “No Opinion.”
9. Are you a Jesus follower?
Before – “Leans No.” After – “Leans Yes.”
Before reading the booklet, she did not think of science as pointing to God but after reading the booklet she did.  She became more open to the idea that Jesus rose from the dead.  She’s even leaning toward calling herself a Jesus follower.  Perhaps more importantly, she appears to be on a spiritual quest to learn if Christianity is true.
She wrote:
“I thought this booklet was highly convincing and put God and Christianity into a light I had never seen them displayed in before.  The use of scientific reasoning and the examples of conversions of respectable scientific minds were convincing and interesting.  The booklet showed Christianity and God in a way a cold scientific mind would have an easier time accepting.“
“I am going to the library to find “Mere Christianity” as soon as I can." 
“The science behind the stories is highly appealing.”

This is just one example of many, many students whose lives are being impacted for Christ through Factbridge. 

Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving! 

May the Lord continue to bless you richly!
Ronald Cram