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What People Are Saying
What People Are Saying about the Ministry

What People Are Saying


I commend the ministry and written materials of Factbridge… This ministry, and its stimulating writings, form a wonderful partnership on university campuses as they serve both students and their peers with challenging and eternal concepts and thinking that ask the hard questions of life and provide key answers to some of the world’s most difficult, but necessary, questions.
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Hamilton, MA
Although still in its infancy, Factbridge has laudable goals and shows excellent promise of meeting a huge need on today’s college and university campuses.
Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary
I am glad you are doing this, brother.  May God bless your efforts.
Gordon Johnston, Professor of Old Testament Studies Dallas Theological Seminary
Many are surprised to discover Christianity is built on a solid “fact-foundation.” Atheism is a belief system and theism is a belief system. The strength of a belief system rests on the validity of the facts that support the beliefs. Ron Cram has put together the FACTBRIDGE to help university students discover a mind-boggling amount of evidence that solidly supports a personal belief in God.
Dave Beckwith, Senior Pastor, Author of THE EDGE: God’s Power Perfected in Weakness, and Regional Director for Standing Stone Ministry